Committees and Secretariat

Our committees and working groups address members’ most important business challenges, while the Secretariat team manages Afera’s daily operations.

Committees and secretariat 

Afera’s mission is carried out by a steering committee headed by the President of the Association and supported by two additional bodies, the Marketing and Technical Committees. Full-time logistical support is provided by Afera’s Secretariat which resides at Afera’s head office in The Hague, The Netherlands, under the management of Lejeune Association Management (LAM).

Complying with Competition Law

Afera and its members adhere to a policy of strict compliance with European Community Competition Law (Articles 81 and 82 of the EC Treaty) in all of its operations.
Download Afera Antitrust Guidelines

Steering Committee

Afera’s Steering Committee (SC) consists of delegates from ‘active’, ‘associated’ and ‘converter’ member companies, as well as the committee chairmen, who serve 3-year terms of office. The representatives of classes of membership and committee chairmen are nominated by members, approved by the current SC and subject to election by the General Assembly with an absolute majority. Chaired by a president and vice-president, the SC generally meets twice a year and is entrusted with decisions concerning the working programme of the Association. The SC may appoint necessary advisory committees in which all members are entitled to be represented. Currently there are 2 such committees, the Marketing Committee and the Technical Committee, and 8 committee working groups.

President Evert Smit’s focus for 2019-2021

Members of the Steering Committee


 Tape Manufacturer                 President Evert Smit    Lohmann GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) 
 Tape Manufacturer  Vice-President Lori Cherry           3M Europe (Germany) 
 Tape Manufacturer  MKC Chair Jacques Geijsen    American Biltrite Inc. (Belgium)
 Tape Manufacturer  TC Chair Reinhard Storbeck  tesa SE (Germany)
 Tape Manufacturer   TBC  TBC
 Converter  İbrahim Hatipoğlu  Egebant Zımpara ve Polisaj Malzemeleri San. ve Tic. A.Ş. (Turkey)
 Supplier   Ian Grace  Loparex B.V. (The Netherlands)
 Supplier   Melanie Ott   H.B. Fuller Deutschland GmbH

Marketing Committee

Afera’s Marketing Committee (MKC) is composed of marketing and industry specialists with the mission to 'grow the pie' for all companies in the European adhesive tape value chain, including both commodity and specialty tape producers. The MKC meets at least two times a year and is assisted by the Secretary-General of the Association. Its topic-driven agenda is pursued through working groups (WGs) established on the following: Social Media Programme, Website Management, Education Awareness, Membership Recruitment, General Communications and Annual Conference. Each MKC Member is committed to one or more of the WGs, which meet and work between regular MKC meetings.

Marketing Committee Chairman Jacques Geijsen’s focus for 2019-2020


Members of the Marketing Committee


 Delegate   Member company   Afera working group 
 Chairman Jacques Geijsen   American Biltrite Inc.   Content Generation & Engagement, Leader Member Recruitment
 Giovanni Scognamiglio  3M Italy  Sustainability
 Alicia Tissot  Advance Tapes International Ltd.   Marketing Communications
 Aris Venetis   Atlas Tapes SA   Content Generation & Engagement 
 Stevi Liakopoulou  Dow Europe GmbH  
 Christina Barg-Becker  Lohmann GmbH & Co KG  
 Evert Smit, Afera President   Lohmann GmbH & Co KG  Education Awareness Initiative, Leader
 Content Generation & Engagement 
 Florian Heller   Mondi Inncoat GmbH  Education Awareness Initiative 
 Stefan Neuner   Neenah Performance Materials   Member Recruitment
 Stefan Meirsman   Nitto Europe N.V.   Member Recruitment 
 Deniz Bölükbaşı   Organik Kimya San. Ve TIC. A.Ş.   Education Awareness Initiative 
 Martha Sloboda   Scapa PLC   Education Awareness Initiative 
 Sonja Santhiram  Sekisui Alveo AG   Education Awareness Initiative 
 Mauro Fragata   Synthomer S.r.l.
 Member Recruitment 
 Matthias von Schwerdtner  tesa SE   Content Generation & Engagement 
 Aldo Mazzocchi   tesa Western Europe B.V.   Education Awareness Initiative 
 Beverley Weaver   TSRC (Lux) Corporation S.a.r.l.   Member Recruitment 

Additional Member delegates of Marketing Committee working groups


 Delegate    Member company    Afera working group  
 Isabelle Uhl   Dow France S.A.S.                         Education Awareness Initiative                                                       
 Tom Garcia   Scapa PLC   Marketing Communications
 Thorsten Petersson               tesa SE   Marketing Communications 


Technical Committee

Afera's Technical Committee (TC) is a working group of technical experts assisted by the Secretary General of the Association that also meets at least two times a year. All technical subjects, such as test methods development, and publication and application of European and GTF standards, are matters for the TC’s agenda. The TC also handles all industry-related regulatory matters, including legislation originating from national or European bodies, as well as private and global initiatives.

Technical Committee Chairman Reinhard Storbeck’s focus for 2019-2021

Members of the Technical Committee


 Delegate     Member company   Afera working group  
 Chairman Reinhard Storbeck  tesa SE 

 9th Afera Tape College 2019,
 Leader Regulatory Affairs

 Ruediger Frisch  3M Europe  
 Teoman Köksal   A&G Ambalaj San. Tic. Ltd. Sti.    Membership Recruitment
 Alan Gilding   Advance Tapes International Ltd.   Regulatory Affairs, Content Generation,
 Costas Yiannopoulos   Atlas Tapes SA   
 Thomas Christ   BASF Aktiengesellschaft   Test Methods, Sustainability
 Renate Roeterd                        Bostik Smart Adhesives                                         9th Afera Tape College 2019 
 Thorsten Meier   certoplast Technische Klebebänder GmbH   Test Methods 
 Hubertus von Voithenberg   ChemQuest Group Inc   
 Lutz Jacob   Consultant to Afera TC on standardisation issues  Test Methods 
 Leader Convenor CEN TC 193 / WG 7
 Ralf Roenisch   Coroplast Fritz Müller GmbH & Co. KG 

 9th Afera Tape College 2019
 Test Methods 

 Gert-Jan van Ruler   DRT   9th Afera Tape College 2019
 Jarno Weemers  Eastman Chemical B.V.   
 Jürgen Pomorin   Evonik Industries AG   
 Uwe Maurieschat   Fraunhofer Institute IFAM 

 Education Awareness Initiative
 Test Methods, Leader as from 2020

 Jeff Burrington   H.B. Fuller UK 

 Education Awareness Initiative
 Regulatory Affairs
 Content Generation
 Membership Recruitment

 David Vanraes   Henkel AG & Co. KGaA   Test Methods 
 Axel Hessland   IVK/FEICA   Regulatory Affairs 
 FEICA TWG ‘Hazardous Products & Environment’ Chairman
 Danny Beekman   Kraton Chemical B.V. 

 9th Afera Tape College 2019
 Education Awareness Initiative
 Test Methods

 Evert Smit, Afera President   Lohmann GmbH & Co. KG   Education Awareness Initiative, Leader 
 Martijn Verhagen     Lohmann GmbH & Co. KG    9th Afera Tape College 2019                  
 Ian Grace, Afera SC Member  Loparex B.V.  9th Afera Tape College 2019 
 Sustainability, Leader
 Annette Kelsch  Mondi Group   Sustainability
 Lucio Trincia   NAR SpA   
 Michael Raidt   Neenah Gessner GmbH   Education Awareness Initiative 
 Michel Sabo   Nitto Europe N.V.   Sustainability
 Membership Recruitment
 Yasemin Seyren  Organik Kimya San. Ve TIC. A.Ş.  Sustainability


 Additional Member delegates of Technical Committee working groups


 Delegate    Member company   Afera working group 
 Miriam Verbruggen                  Lohmann GmbH & Co. KG                                        Regulatory Affairs                                                                    
 Ingrid Wasbauer   Nitto Europe N.V.   Regulatory Affairs 
 Jürgen Kahl  tesa SE  Test Methods
 Dirk Lamm   tesa SE   Regulatory Affairs 



Afera’s Secretariat is responsible for the daily management of the Association and operates on behalf of Afera’s SC and the other committees. The Secretariat serves as the co-ordinator and contact point for most of Afera’s events, activities, and publications.

Based in The Hague, the Netherlands, Afera’s Secretariat is operated by Lejeune Association Management (LAM), which provides full management and office resources to associations which lack the scope, manpower, and/or financial means to run the administrative and functional structures of their organisations independently. LAM's mission is to provide management services and expertise to industry and professional associations in the broadest sense.

Afera Secretariat staff members

Astrid Lejeune, Secretary General
Elke Verbaarschot, Marketing Communications Manager
Mark Macaré, Public Affairs Manager
Stephanie Feith, Management Assistant
Selma Ugur, Financial Support

Afera External Support

Bathsheba Fulton, Independent Communications Specialist
Bert van Loon, Independent Strategist
Elisabetta Caminiti, Annual Conference Support