What is your ROI as an adhesive tape manufacturer?

Adhesive tape manufacturers

  • Become part of the only European industry collective specifically focussing on adhesive tapes
  • Obtain new contacts, business associates and friends through Afera’s European network and international connections
  • Establish trade links, receive advice and resolve disputes through Afera’s membership company network
  • Join in the industry fellowship – even among tape company competitors – demonstrated at Afera events and committee meetings
  • Achieve shared goals by working with your contemporaries on adhesive tape industry projects through committee meetings, working groups and the Global Tape Forum.


“I have been active in Afera since 1993, although my company, Advance Tapes, has been for much longer as it is a family business. The Annual Conference has always been the event of the year for us. Not only is it informative, but I Mike Ayreshave forged many business and personal relationships with Afera members, including my most ardent competitors, and I enjoy seeing all of them there. The creation of the Global Tape Forum is an industry achievement that I am proud to have been a part of. I have always encouraged my employees to get involved in Afera so that they are able to benefit in the same way that I have:  forging and keeping up contacts, learning at events, and participating in projects. Advance has provided members to both the Technical and Marketing Committees, including chairs.  I think Afera’s current focus on raising the profile of adhesive tapes and our industry as a whole is on-target.”

Mike Ayres, Chairman & Chief Executive, Advance Tapes International Limited