Afera holds 1st Tape Olympics in Athens

Afera Tape OlympicsOur first edition of the Tape Olympics, an original, multifaceted team-building event Afera’s management team co-ordinated with a local events crew, was held following the Athens Conference working programme on 4 October. The games were aimed at creating a fun, informal setting in which Afera members could interact with their peers to accomplish the overall objective: to create a closer Afera community.

Tape is the name of the game

Based on the survey- and direct feedback I received, we can conclude that this was a successful event! Happy faces, lively interaction, a good turnout of people and colourful pictures back this up. Strong local support, an ideal venue for quick dynamics, great weather, low barrier to entry, and good Afera Tape Olympics team spirit were the drivers of our success. Next to the positive, there is plenty of room for improvement, but we believe this new concept of attendee non-boardroom interaction is in for many sequels.

What some contestants had to say

It was great fun!
Dermot O' Callaghan, Managing Director at PPI Adhesive Products Limited

Afera Tape OlympicsI really enjoyed the team-building. It was a nice change from taking a city tour with a big group. I got to meet other people at the Conference that I otherwise might not have, not just those on my own team, but on those of our opponents’ – and the pushing and shoving wasn’t too bad!
Ian Grace, Afera TC Vice-Chairman, Global Technical Support Manager of Tapes & Labels, Bostik Smart Adhesives

Thanks for the organisation of a great day. I had a lot of fun with my partners. We won 6 out of 8 games! I hope to see everyone next year again.
Nathalie Delava, Business Director of Europe, Henkel AG & Co KGaA

Our team came in 5th place! I was surprised that so many people joined in. My favourite event was tape ball, which resembled basketball, using a roll of tape instead of a ball – and the competition was cutthroat. Normally, in everyday business life, you have to comply with the rules. It was exaggerated,Afera Tape Olympics but you could see the unrestrained energy coming out in all the players.
Danny Beekman, TC Member, Technical Associate of Application Development Adhesives, Kraton Corporation


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