What Participants had to say

What participants had to say

I wanted to be here to figure out what people are thinking and what the trends and key focal points are for our market. We tend to live in our own world and benchmarking our thoughts and ideas against those of the rest of the industry is important. I was not disappointed.
Jean-Loup Masson
Director of Innovation, Marketing and Digital, SVP
Tape manufacturer, France

The Conference tackled the sustainability of our business perfectly, including topics on the environment (i.e. what is the impact on our industry and how can we contribute positively via new developments, such as the use of AI in processes?) and human resources (i.e. how do we deal with new generations in order to attract qualified personnel and retain them?).
Michel Sabo
R&D ANT and Planning Manager
Nitto Europe
Tape manufacturer, Belgium

I'm really happy to see so many people from our industry here—both old and new—and that everyone is even more open than they were in the past.
Jeanet Klein
Area Manager
Sekisui Alveo Benelux, Nordics & Baltics and France
Supplier, The Netherlands

I came to the event to see how the tape business has evolved: Who are the players? Are there new players on the scene? What are the market trends? The General Assembly provides a great, really effective overview of what is going on in the business, and what elements we can incorporate into our own business strategy.
Jörn Meuwissen
Director of Sales, Europe
Intertape Polymer Europe GmbH
Tape manufacturer, Belgium

The purpose of Afera's Annual Conference is for people to see each other, and I've noticed a lot of breakout meetings taking place between parties.
Herbert van Arkel
Commercial Director
Supertape B.V.
Tape manufacturer, The Netherlands

After working with many of our customers throughout Europe, I wanted an opportunity to see all of them at one place at one time. It's not only cost-efficient, but you can network and collaborate and learn from each other what the latest trends are.
Raymond Somich
Global Marketing Director
Omnova Solutions, Inc.
Supplier, U.S.A.

The lectures are interesting in that they are not only specifically tape-related but offer a broader view into global business trends. Every year there is a different theme, which allows us to look beyond the realm of tape into broader business cycles that we should be studying.
Thorsten Meier
Head of R&D
Certoplast Technische Klebebänder GmbH
Tape manufacturer, Germany

This Conference offered interesting presentations, especially about the future, for which my company is preparing. I always enjoy Afera's events immensely, and I am thankful for everyone who has joined this event. The logistics of the event were handled perfectly—I especially loved the food, hotel and location!
İbrahim Hatipoğlu
General Manager
Egebant Zimpara ve Polisaj Malzemeleri San. ve Tic. A.S.
Converter, Turkey

It was encouraging to see how Afera is leading important debates that are impacting the future of tapes as we know them: new technologies and sustainability. The Team is energised and starting to lead the way in the meaningful discussions on talent that matters for our industry. Lastly, Afera is opening its organisation to broader and richer co-operation with other associations, universities and market players to work together towards a common goal: how to drive business success while preserving our planet.
Estela Viegas
EIMEA Communications Manager
H.B. Fuller
Supplier, Portugal

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What participants had to say
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