Afera committee and working group meetings

Our committees and working groups meet at least twice a year to address members’ most important business challenges.

Afera’s mission is carried out by a steering committee headed by the President of the Association and supported by two additional bodies, the Marketing and Technical Committees. The committees form working groups (WGs) on an as-needed basis to provide input and take action on emerging strategies, issues, and projects.Afera committee and working group meetings

If you would like to participate in Afera's discussions and decision-making on issues that affect the tape industry, contact Afera's Secretary General about joining one of the Association’s committees or working groups. As the lifelines of Afera, the committees and WGs meet at least twice a year to discuss and develop their action plans for carrying out Afera's mission: To add the greatest value possible to our members' businesses by (1) growing the market for adhesive tape solutions and (2) facilitating networking and learning through events, sharing information, participating in regulatory and standards development processes, and establishing globally recognised test methods.


Afera Committees
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