AFTC Group

Contact: Joppe Leussink
Wiebachstraat 27 A-D
6466 NG Kerkrade
+31 43 6043797
AFTC Group

AFTC (Acrylic Foam Tape Company)

AFTC (Acrylic Foam Tape Company) is a supplier of double-sided acrylic foam tapes for automotive and general industrial applications. Our production site has more than 20 years of experience in extrusion technology, the development of adhesives and innovative product solutions.

AFTC's double-sided acrylic foam tapes ensure that costs are cut and processes are optimised, thereby improving end products and margins for our customers.
From our headquarters in Kerkrade and 6 sales offices around the world, AFTC serves more than 100 distributors and partners. AFTC is active in more than 60 countries and in a short time has become one of the largest suppliers of acrylic double-sided tapes. The strength of AFTC, beyond providing a quality product at a good price, is the special service and flexibility of the organisation and our employees. AFTC is the only company in the world that specialises in double-sided acrylic tapes. This represents the staff’s unparalleled knowledge, from which customers benefit. We are always aiming at resolving customer questions and, within the limits of reason, finding a solution.