A word from the president

Mete Konuralp looks back on a successful Turin Conference and forward to the 1st Afera Global Adhesive Tape summit 2018.


Hopefully this issue of Afera News finds you off to a great start in 2018. With last month’s new GDP figures confirming that the European recovery remains on track, with annual growth of 2.5% during 2017 in the E.U., we all have a reason to keep our heads up.

We can also look at the market trends and data Matthias Von Schwerdtner shared with us during his popular Turin Conference presentation on Freedonia’s latest study World Pressure Sensitive Tapes, released in 2016. We must all acknowledge that Asia is steadily becoming a force to reckon with when it comes to straight world PSA market figures. But Freedonia figures also show us that the tape market is beating world growth, meaning that tapes are gaining market share in their environment. Tape is becoming more relevant, and Europe’s competitive edge lies in specialty tapes: “We can stay in the game,” Mr. Von Schwerdtner says, “if we innovate as an industry”.

Especially relevant to our packaging-tape-manufacturing Members: We also learn from Essien Jae of Future Market Insights, in the market data and analysis he shares exclusively with Afera Members, that the global market for gummed tape will see favourable growth over the next decade, specifically in the Asia Pacific.

I am appreciative of Nitto EMEA’s CEO, Sam Strijckmans, who took the time recently to sit down and give Afera an extensive interview, in which we learn more about Nitto’s operations and strategy, as well as his advice for small- and medium-sized tape manufacturers operating in Europe. “Get out of the commodities trap,” he warns. He sees European tape businesses’ unique offerings to the specialties market—knowhow and proximity to the customer—and future success in this.

I am also grateful to Afera’s Public Affairs Manager, Mark Macaré, for providing us with a regulatory affairs update covering food safety, REACH, the BREF STS and recycling/sustainability, as Afera is becoming increasingly active in these areas. Mr. Macaré will also join us at our biannual Afera Committee Meetings in Amsterdam next month. I look forward to seeing many of you there!

I wish you all a successful 2018,

Best wishes,

Mete Konuralp
Afera President