A word from the president

Mete Konuralp discusses the upcoming 8th Tape College and Afera’s online and regulatory programmes.


In the weeks running up to the 8th Afera Tape College, we are seeing strong registration numbers. Click here to get an audiovisual preview of four presentations given by experts in their fields.

Afera is moving ahead in leaps and bounds, this month with the launch of a joint project among Afera’s membership. We have just completed a 55-page tape primer called Why tape?, aimed at inspiring, educating and spreading awareness of the functionality of a new generation of tapes. I encourage you to browse these pages and offer your feedback. The idea is to keep it fresh and accurate.

Afera’s social media activities are seeing expansion in the Twitter domain, where our two accounts, Design that sticks and Afera adhesive tape, are posting record numbers of followers. We are also taking on board many of the principles learned from our Hamburg Conference speaker Giuseppe Caltabiano who talked about connecting with customers online. You will find his latest article “B2B content marketing strategy: A guide in 10 easy steps” extremely useful.

We are also stepping up our game in the regulatory arena. We have now put into place a working group on regulatory affairs, as well as hired consultant Mark Macaré, to drive both content and action where it matters to the adhesive tape value chain. In this issue of Afera News, you’ll find quite a few updates on REACH matters.

Lastly, we are mourning the loss of a leader and friend in the North American tape industry, long-time PTSC President Glen Anderson. He will be especially remembered for the great effort he put into establishing the Global Tape Forum with us.

Best wishes,

Mete Konuralp
Afera President