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ICHEMCO SRL achieved a “zero waste” production system for the Release K powder range, participating to the Tech Fast initiative promoted by Regione Lombardia in Italy
Providing the highest level of service to our customers has always been a top priority mission for Ichemco.
Adhesives & Bonding Expo Europe, 5-7 December, Stuttgart
Europe’s meeting place for industrial bonding professionals
Afera Member spotlight: tape and films manufacturer Novacel
Having recently rebranded itself, French producer Novacel continues its 40-year run of contributing to customers’ industrial efficiency and participating in Afera, as explained by Jean-Loup Masson
65th Annual Conference featuring adhesive tape supply chain challenges hackathon a great success
Afera looks back on a work- and fun-filled yearly autumn meeting, which provided great interaction and learnings about “The Shape of Tape in 2030”.
Spotlight on Afera Converter Member Profitape
The managing director and shareholder of the Czech converter discusses their goals to minimise labour-intensive processes by investing in new machinery to produce complex, higher-added-value products
Last call to reserve your spot: Annual Conference will deliver on more than networking
Afera Secretary General Astrid Lejeune tells us what we can expect from this year’s Valencia congress from 28 to 30 September: 2 days of deep diving into hot tape business issues
Executive Director of European packaging company seeking new challenge
The head of a Europe-based packaging company is seeking a new leadership challenge in the adhesive tape industry.
Nitto General Announcement
We are pleased to announce the integration of Mondi’s Personal Care Component Business into the Nitto Group, a global manufacturer of high high-functional materials.