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ICAP SIRA launches its first bio-based adhesive
ICAP SIRA, a leading manufacturer of emulsions and specialty polymers, launches ACRILEM ECO 5007, its first bio-based acrylic PSA polymer combining sustainability benefits with high performances.
Spotlight on Afera Converter Member Profitape
The managing director and shareholder of the Czech converter discusses their goals to minimise labour-intensive processes by investing in new machinery to produce complex, higher-added-value products
Last call to reserve your spot: Annual Conference will deliver on more than networking
Afera Secretary General Astrid Lejeune tells us what we can expect from this year’s Valencia congress from 28 to 30 September: 2 days of deep diving into hot tape business issues
Foresight and futures intelligence in a business setting
Using Afera Member Company survey results, the founder and CEO of FIBRES, creator of a software tool for building your own futures intelligence discusses how this can work well for tape-related companies
Auctus Capital in partnership with Matteo Pellegrini acquires the majority of PPM
PPM Industries, founded in 1993 by Giuseppe Pellegrini, one the leading Manufacturer of masking tapes in the world, has entered in Partnership with Auctus Capital Partner that has acquired the majority stake of the company.
Executive Director of European packaging company seeking new challenge
The head of a Europe-based packaging company is seeking a new leadership challenge in the adhesive tape industry.
Nitto General Announcement
We are pleased to announce the integration of Mondi’s Personal Care Component Business into the Nitto Group, a global manufacturer of high high-functional materials.
Icap-Sira to offer acrylic PSAs to North America through Savaré
Icap-Sira and Savaré are glad to announce an agreement, where Savaré Specialty Adhesive LLC, based in Delaware, OH will be the exclusive distributor for North America of Icap-Sira acrylic PSA.