14 September 2022

Auctus Capital in partnership with Matteo Pellegrini acquires the majority of PPM

PPM Industries, founded in 1993 by Giuseppe Pellegrini, one the leading Manufacturer of masking tapes in the world, has entered in Partnership with Auctus Capital Partner that has acquired the majority stake of the company.

The German fund will support PPM Industries on the international front to expand and nurture existing and potential business targets for a robust future development. The Pellegrini family will remain at the helm of the company with Matteo Pellegrini, who has significantly reinvested in the Venture. Matteo Pellegrini will hold the position of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

“We are thrilled to partner with Matteo to support the growth of PPM Industries, a leader in the Masking tape sector with an untapped growth potential in various markets and applications” comments Nicolas Himmelmann, managing partner of Auctus.

“I am very determined to give further impetus to the internationalization process of PPM Industries by entering new challenging markets with our experience, know-how and best practices. Auctus Capital Partners represents the ideal ally to achieve our ambitious goals.” explains Matteo Pellegrini.

PPM Industries achieved in 2021 a consolidated turnover of around 100 million euros and the forecasts are also strongly positive for 2022.