28 October 2021

AWA Global Specialty Pressure-Sensitive Tape Market Study 2021, 4th ed.

Afera has negotiated with market research firm AWA Alexander Watson Associates a special Member discount of 20% on its newly issued AWAreness™ Report Global Specialty Pressure-Sensitive Tape Market 2021.

A market with significant growth potential
Specialty pressure-sensitive tapes (PSTs) are used for many different applications. This makes the market difficult to understand. But specialty PSTs have enormous opportunities, offering modern, reliable alternatives to other technologies.

The AWAreness™ Report Global Specialty Pressure-Sensitive Tape Market 2021 (4th edition) provides a concise and clear overview of this complex and often dynamic industry. The Report dives into the trends in the specialty PSTs industry by looking at the market from regional, application and materials perspectives. As a market with significant growth potential, we look not only at the market today but at how it will develop over the next 3 years, and the trends and developments that will drive growth. Finally, the Study concludes with a list of leading companies/suppliers operating in this industry at different stages of the value chain. If you are planning to invest into new products or trying to understand this growing market, this report is your starting point.

What’s in it for you?

AWAreness™ Report Global Specialty Pressure-sensitive Tape Market 2021 is your go-to source for invaluable market intelligence about:

  • Understanding differences and complexities across regions
  • Gaining insights into the dynamics in different applications segments
  • Recognising which application segments and regions are driving overall growth
  • Getting a picture of developments in materials used
  • Understanding how the market is structured and who the leading companies are in the industry
  • Seeing the market quantified by region, application segment and material type.

For more information, visit www.awa-bv.com.