26 July 2021

Spanish converter ATyT joins Afera

Adhesivos Técnicos y Troquelados (ATyT), a leading European converter of technical and custom-made adhesive tapes based in Barcelona, has joined Europe’s only not-for-profit trade organisation representing the interests of the best-in-class businesses within the adhesive tape value chain. Having business links with primary European manufacturers and offering a wide range of specialty tapes for various sectors and applications, ATyT is specifically known as a leader in converted duct, aluminium, double-sided, butyl and laminated adhesive tapes.

Products and services
ATyT is a company created to provide expert advice and specialised services in technical adhesive products. We guide you on the spot to find the product(s) you need, always with the best quality-price ratio. Our knowhow, facilities and flexibility allow us to offer, in a very agile way, a totally personalised product, either with a printed core or with exclusive packaging.

The various services we offer to our clients are concentrated in 4 areas:

  • Rewinding
  • Slitting
  • Die-cutting
  • Laminating

Mission and vision
Our mission is to provide efficient, personalised and innovative adhesive solutions while constantly adapting to the needs of the market, establishing long-term relationships with each of our clients. Our vision is to be the trusted partner of our clients, to provide benchmarks in specialised advice on adhesive solutions and in the supply of technical and personalised adhesive products, always offering the best cost value.

Main characteristics defining our services:

  • Excellence: Our commitment to quality and continuous improvement, as well as our constant investment in new machinery, makes ATyT a company oriented towards the satisfaction of our clients and producing excellent results at both strategic and operational levels.
  • Innovation: Our extensive knowledge of the world of adhesive tapes allows us to develop and co-operate with our strategic partners on new solutions to respond to the needs of any sector, even the most technical ones.
  • Commitment: Everyone who makes up the ATyT team, each one from their area of responsibility, contributes to our knowledge and dedication, encouraging us to realise our best selves in teamwork activities.
  • Customisation: Our personalised contact with our clients and agility in service makes ATyT a dynamic company which knows first-hand the needs of the market and how to adapt and meet them.
  • Honesty: We convey our trust to our customers, suppliers and employees, as well as the community, of which we are an active part.

Visit www.atyt.es for more information. Contact ATyT here.

Afera, the European Adhesive Tape Association unites stakeholders along the value chain of the European tape industry, to ensure and increase the relevance of the tape business in the world of tomorrow. The go-to community of the European tape industry is comprised of over 100 member companies from 20 European countries that include adhesive tape manufacturers, suppliers (raw materials, machine and packaging), converters, distributors, national tape organisations, research institutions and universities.

With the goal of making the tape industry future-proof, Afera actively studies and involves itself in relevant market, standardisation and regulatory issues, provides platforms and programmes for discussion and learning, and facilitates contact among our Members and all other pertinent bodies at national and international levels. Founded in Paris in 1958, Afera has operated with its head office in The Hague, the Netherlands, since 1999 under the management of Lejeune Association Management.

For more information about Afera, please contact:

Astrid Lejeune                               Afera Secretariat
Afera Secretary-General      Lejeune Association Management
www.afera.com     Laan van Nieuw Oost-Indië 131-G
Tel.:+31 (0)70 312 39 16     2593 BM The Hague
Fax:+31 (0)70 363 63 48     The Netherlands