3 June 2021

Afera Secretary-General Astrid Lejeune has announced that tape manufacturer ATP will participate in Afera’s Technical Committee (TC).

On behalf of ATP adhesive systems AG, which is a market leader of water-based adhesive tapes for all industry sectors but especially automotive applications, Paul Schwitter will join the TC at its upcoming online Meeting in mid-September ahead of Afera’s 64th Annual Conference in Valencia, Spain. As head of both R&D and business development at ATP, Mr. Schwitter brings 15 years of knowledge and experience of adhesives and especially the adhesive tape business to Afera’s European technical leadership.

ATP wants to contribute to Afera’s building successes, especially where we can add in our experience with water-based adhesive tapes,” Mr. Schwitter said. “With sustainability fast becoming a European business mandate, many ecological issues are coming to the fore, and we look forward to supporting and learning from Afera’s TC particularly in these areas.”

An Active Member of Afera since 2007, ATP is a leading manufacturer of high-quality technical tape solutions for the automotive, foam, graphic, label, semi-structural composite, building & construction, electronics, and medical & healthcare industries. With its extensive technical and market knowledge, ATP’s passion for developing customer-focussed solutions, and its employee commitment to go the extra distance, the Company is strongly positioned for success.

ATP has been producing high-quality single and double-sided adhesive tapes on very modern coating machines in Amt Creuzburg, Germany, since 1991. Using a broad range of adhesive and support materials, ATP produces single and double-sided pressure sensitive adhesive tapes, transfer tapes and heat-sealable films. The adhesive formulations are solvent-free and are exclusively developed by ATP. The Company’s production methods meet the most modern technological requirements. The products are developed and manufactured under the DQS total quality management system, and ATP is accredited according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 (EMAS) and IATF 16949 systems.

“We always strive to exceed customer experiences by developing customer-aligned solutions which offer technical advantages competitively and quickly,” commented ATP CEO Daniel Heini. “In general, we focus on low-emission, low-odour products for automotive interior applications.”

ATP recently acquired BDK, a U.K.-based specialised adhesive tape converter dedicated to medical & healthcare applications. The Company’s latest product release is a low-emission, flame-retardant product which meets the UL94 VTM0 classification.

If you are or know of an Active Member who is interested in joining one of Afera’s Committees, please contact Afera Secretary-General Astrid Lejeune on +31 70 312 39 16 or send an e-mail here.