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Adhesive tape market reported to grow by 6% in 2017-2022
New materials and bonding challenges for the electric vehicle age
Asahi Kasei expanding battery film production in US, Japan
DuPont making $220M film investment in Ohio
Now Plastics launches high-recycled-content films in Europe
Kiran Malhotra retires from Berry Specialty Tapes, remains active in PSTC and GTF
Current Global Test Methods Committee (GTMC) Chairman Kiran Malhotra recently announced his retirement as product development director at Berry Specialty Tapes RINY. He worked at Berry and as technical director at Adchem Corp. for 20 years.
Seam tapes market to grow 6%: Asia-Pacific is expected to be the largest market and have the highest growth rate
M&M predicts adhesive film market to reach USD 75.4 bn by 2023