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Spotlight on German Adhesives Association IVK
Managing Director of Technical Affairs talks about the “wonderful experience” of being connected to the European tape manufacturer and raw material supplier ‘scene’ and family
Afera Committee Members surveyed on current activities agenda
Last week’s survey of 22 Committee Members revealed that the Association continues to offer valuable support to tape-related businesses in 2020
Spotlight on research institute Fraunhofer IFAM
Adhesive engineer Uwe Maurieschat tells about his experience with Afera, as well as that of the notable German research organisation dedicated to manufacturing technology and advanced materials and Afera Member since 2009
Spotlight on adhesive tape manufacturer certoplast
Thorsten Meier’s experience in the tape business is directly tied to his involvement in Afera
Increase your visibility within the European adhesive tape supply chain: Submit your company description
Now Member Companies can take advantage of this free benefit linked to the industry collective’s most-viewed webpage, Afera’s Member directory
Gascogne Flexible launches GASCOFORCE 826
A European manufacturer of release liners creates siliconised, reinforced, unbleached kraft laminate for self-adhesive tapes