27 March 2020

Afera webinar series: Navigating the COVID-19 crisis within the adhesive tape value chain

The 2020s are barely underway, but this decade will be remembered for the COVID-19 outbreak. Societies are facing the unprecedented consequences of a global pandemic, and businesses are forced to adapt to the economic consequences of a global lockdown.

How is the adhesive tape industry coping with and responding to COVID-19 disruption?

  • How do you keep your teams, customers, suppliers and partners motivated and engaged during COVID-19 disruption and specifically during a new lockdown exit phase?
  • Are there any issues that Members are encountering which they cannot deal with at the moment: local regulations, shortages or something else that is keeping you from operating normally?
  • Are there specific stakeholders that Afera could engage with to tackle a specific issue?
  • Being (more) autonomous/self-sufficient in production: Will this enable companies to survive if they follow the current signs of the Crisis? Is your company taking steps in this direction?
  • What initiatives that were implemented (by your company, yourself or governments or other authorities) to deal with the Crisis will remain in place beyond the COVID-19 lockdown phase?
  • How do you prepare your business for a “post-COVID-19 world” or a substantially extended low-touch world?
  • Which post-COVID-19 lockdown opportunities or needs could/should be addressed through industry collaboration (and cannot be developed by a single company)?
  • What is the relationship between business recovery and sustainability in the tape industry (regulations, European Green Deal, etc.)?
  • What are your business approaches, experiences and views on sustainability issues?

These and other questions are on many tape company executives’ minds. Afera, as the European umbrella organisation unique to the adhesive tape industry, is providing the platform for exchanging know-how, experiences and best practices of our Member Companies. Learn about important information and experiences shared during Afera’s 2 April, 16 April30 April ,14 May and 28 May and 18 June webinars. For those who could not attend, the webinars were recorded, and it is our intention to hold a webinar every few weeks as business emerges from the COVID-19 crisis.

In April, Secretary General Astrid Lejeune conducted a survey among Afera Members to gauge where the tape industry is going strategically and tactically, to determine how to use this platform and community further to exchange ideas and pose questions about “the new normal” both defensively and offensively.  Access the survey results here.

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The next webinar for Afera Members (‘State of sustainability in adhesive tapes’) is scheduled on Thursday, 3 September, 14.00-15.00 CEST. Please register here.

If you would like to participate as a panelist in a webinar, please contact Afera’s Regulatory Affairs Manager Pablo Englebienne here.

Afera’s team has also created a dedicated COVID-19 lockdown exit resource page, including practical information, advice and links to other important institutional bodies and stakeholders. Please check this page regularly for updated material. 

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