9 May 2018

Changes to Parafix Management

Today marks the end of an era in Parafix’s history. Mike Punter, Managing Director, is stepping into the position of Chairman of Parafix Holdings and Colin Wills, Director, is retiring.

As a result, a realignment of management is required, both in the UK and Hungary.

We are delighted to announce that in the UK, Steve Barwick, Commercial Manager, will be promoted to the position of Director & General Manager and Euan Cameron, Financial Controller, will be promoted to the position of Director.

In Hungary, David Krasznay, General Manager, Ildiko Varay, Strategic Market Manager, and Robert Farago, Finance Manager, will be promoted to Director positions.

Steve Barwick, Euan Cameron, David Krasznay and Robert Farago will also sit on the Board of Parafix Holdings.

Mike Punter comments: “That as with life, companies move on and, therefore, for Colin and myself it is timely to move our very capable and experienced senior management to further develop the business from the board room, as well as their operational responsibilities.

“Colin has taken the decision to retire from Parafix having tirelessly served the company for more than 40 years. I personally owe him a debt for when he joined me to further develop the business when we acquired it from the Shipley family.

“Our partnership has worked due to our different characters which have truly complimented each other. I am sure you will all join me in wishing Colin and Barbara all the best for their next adventure in life.

“I shall remain with the business, supporting our new board members to take Parafix to the next exciting level, it is a truly creative business.”

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