19 May 2020

Company profile: technical textile producer Gavazzi Tessuti Tecnici S.p.A.


Fibreglass reinforcements for adhesive tapes
For over 30 years, Gavazzi has produced fibreglass reinforcements for adhesive tapes, working with the world’s leading tape manufacturers. A producer of technical textiles made of fibreglass and polyester, the Italian company is based around Calolziocorte (LC) with a sales office in Switzerland.

Recently Gavazzi has modernised and expanded its dedicated production division to meet the demands of an increasingly varied and quality-conscious market. A third generation lamination line (4.0) has been installed, together with a creel equipped with a sensor system which automatically detects yarn-break and stops the line instantly.

The reinforcements for adhesive tapes can be unidirectional—also called uniaxial—or bidirectional, meaning they are woven into a lightweight fabric. 

When unidirectional reinforcements are used, fibreglass yarns are laminated onto a film supplied by the customer with a light adhesive coating. Yarn count and thread density will vary depending on the required strength of the reinforcement (N/cm) requested by the customer. 

When bidirectional reinforcements are required, Gavazzi offers a full range of lightweight fabrics of varying grammages and geometries. Fabric can be either laminated onto pre-coated film supplied by customers, or the company can supply fabric in jumbo rolls if lamination is carried out by customers themselves.

Polyester reinforcements for duct tape
Since 2001, Gavazzi has been developing and producing at their Cisano Bergamasco plant lightweight polyester fabrics for the reinforcing of duct and similar adhesive tapes. These fabrics are manufactured using German knitting machines which can work with great precision and reliability at widths of over 5 metres.

Within this sector, Gavazzi also offers a full range of fabrics of varying grammages and geometries to meet the needs of an extremely competitive market. As with its fibreglass reinforcements, the company offers lamination services through its dedicated line or shipment of jumbo rolls to customers if they plan to carry out lamination themselves. 

For more information, visit www.gavazzispa.it.