28 September 2016

In memoriam: Antonio Righetti

Mr. Righetti started his work in the tape industry at the age of 27, when he opened a small workshop for printing adhesive tape which he named NAR (Nastri autoadesivi Righetti).  It was an immediate success, and he opened his first factory in 1967. Today Nar operates in Legnaro (its headquarters) Brugine, Gradisca D'Isonzo (Go) and Schio (Vi), Italy. With children Arrigo, Francesca and Carlo Maria, Mr. Righetti created a strong family business around high-quality products that has become an industry leader. Mr. Righetti is remembered by his community as a great man and entrepreneur.


Mr. Righetti passed away at the age of 80, following an illness. On behalf of the entire European tape community, we would like to extend our sincerest condolences to his children, their families and friends, and all NAR employees.