21 August 2020

Increase your visibility within the European adhesive tape supply chain: Submit your company description

Now Member Companies can take advantage of this free benefit linked to the industry collective’s most-viewed webpage, Afera’s Member directory

Especially with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, tape industry experts, economists, market analysts and other consultants have pointed toward the upward trend of onshoring and thickening of supply chains. We have also just discussed that the European specialty tape market can be considered a mature market, its established supply chain accounting for 20% of the global market. Afera represents businesses large and small within the entire adhesive tape value chain, including tape manufacturers, (raw materials, machine, and packaging) suppliers, converters, distributors, European national tape organisations, and related institutions and universities. Wouldn’t you like to make yourself more visible to your customers and suppliers?

Highlight your listing in Afera’s Member directory
The page on Afera’s website that receives the most visits per month is consistently the Find-a-Member page, Afera’s Member directory. Now Afera is offering free to our Members the possibility of adding a company description of any length to your Member listing here.

Submit your Member Company profile or contact Afera’s Editor, Bathsheba Fulton, via mail@afera.com.