24 May 2018

PPM launches New Corporate Identity; Realticutate its values

With everything we do, we aim to be a strategic partner when it camas to manufacturing adhesive tapes.

PPM Industries is a leading European manufacturer of masking, duct and other adhesive tape and a trusted partner for B2B customers worldwide. On its 25-year anniversary we realized we need to make a radical brake away from the past. In 25
years PPM had grown to became a major industrial group, but it’s image was no longer capable of doing its justice.

Today PPM is an international group of above 400 employees in Italy, UK and India. Our new manufacturing site in India marks our entry into the Asia-Pacific market.
The launch of Q1®, a premium brand for the automotive aftermarket, in the UK and the US in 2017 was a very important milestone in the history of PPM.
Our new corporate identity, which will you also find browsing this website, is the natural emblem of our growth and maturity. It's an image that represents the PPM of today.

We began from brand design to its applications in all spheres. For the logo, we sought a sign that would point to the company’s main product type: the two “Ps” are two rolls of unwinding tape and at the same time an axonometric view of the
two reels seen from above, while the “M” represents the same reels seen from below.

Even the colour has been changed, this time opting for blue. A light, bright blue, a visual representation of our core business values, the trust and the reliability.
To make sure our website will reflect our expanded capabilities and the new identity in the proper way we wanted to redesign the corporate website. We wanted the new website to be more attractive and usable as the old one, with a streamlined
navigation and easy access to helpful information about our products and services offered.

The new brand identity signifies a higher engagement with our customer and mirrors two key attributes: the vertically integrated manufacturing capacity with state-of-the-art production and converting facilities and the reliability to produce
custom made tapes.

PPM Industries manufacturing capabilities include hot melt, solvent and waterbased technologies with two vertically integrated production and converting plants in Italy. The new Trustin Tape plant has been opened in India this year and focuses
on solvent-based masking production technologies.

The new corporate identity marks our journey, an even closer engagement with clients, greater innovation, and a deeper impact on their business.