19 May 2020

Spotlight on manufacturer ABI Tape: Jacques Geijsen describes “the positive energy” and direction of Afera


Members and other participants at Afera’s last few Conferences might have seen Jacques Geijsen performing as moderator or activity director. Recently Secretary General Astrid Lejeune spoke with Mr. Geijsen, a native Dutchman, about his experience in the Industry and sitting on Afera’s Steering Committee (SC).

Learning the adhesive tape business
“I have been connected with the tape business since November 2013 when I joined ABI Tape EAMER as managing director,” said Jacques Geijsen, who is currently the Association’s Marketing Committee Chairman and therefore a member of the SC.

ABI Tape EAMER (European, African, and Middle Eastern Region), which is based in Ronse, Belgium, is focussed on a variety of applications of adhesive tape: It is the one-stop-shop for protective solutions for the automotive industry. It manufactures (high) temperature-resistant holding tapes for composite moulding applications and thermal management of fluid transportation. The company also produces transfer solutions for cut and colour vinyl signage, aluminium sealing solutions for duct tunnels and construction, and seaming and reinforcing tapes for the high-end leather (shoe and handbags) industry.

Afera opens doors
Even though ABI Tape has been an Afera Member since 2013, Mr. Geijsen first became familiar with the Association in October 2014. “Michel Merkx, ABI Tape’s General Manager worldwide, is a proponent of getting actively involved in industry associations,” he explained. “For the last 4 years, Michel has been the chairman of the PSTC (Pressure Sensitive Tape Council), Afera’s American counterpart, and he introduced me to the Association at our Annual Conference that year in Dubrovnik, Croatia.”

Mr. Geijsen became a participating Member in 2016 and was appointed Chairman of the Marketing Committee in the autumn of 2017. “Afera has been absolutely instrumental in helping me find my way around the Industry as a novice,” he emphasised. “Typically training on the job is limited to the products and industries your employer serves.”

“Afera is about the people,” continued Mr. Geijsen. “The Annual Conference is the perfect opportunity for getting to know your industry peers in an informal setting.” On a personal level, he said, attending his first Conference was “a hit” since it allowed him to “knock on doors that you usually wouldn’t get access to or even consider approaching.” On a company level, Afera has helped ABI Tape in providing access to globally harmonised test methods and conducting business more efficiently.

Mr. Geijsen says he feels privileged to represent Afera. “An association can assume different levels of stature within its respective industry,” he shared. “I believe, with the strategic changes that have taken place over the last 2 years, Afera has assumed even more responsibility among our industry peers.” He cited the Association’s vigorous agenda in pursuing the issue and values of sustainability and what it means not just to our products and business processes but how we want to live our lives: “Choosing for sustainability is the right direction. Sustainability is not just some fad, it is a personal conviction. And now, in addition to the personal and company level, through Afera we can influence our environment at the Industry level.”

What is his favourite aspect of being part of Afera? “The positive energy!” Mr. Geijsen affirmed. “The Association is a bunch of enthusiastic industry volunteers held together by the professionalism of Lejeune.”

Within 5 years, Mr. Geijsen sees Afera as having had a lasting impact in the area of sustainability, among others: “That would give me enormous satisfaction. It starts with a strong vision, and the energy level of the supporting organisation determines the success of the execution. I am convinced we have both.”

Current SC composition

Representing  Company  Candidates Until 
Tape Manufacturer      Lohmann Evert Smit 9/2021
Tape Manufacturer  Nitto Dirk Pittoors  9/2023 
Tape Manufacturer  tesa Reinhard Storbeck  9/2021 
Tape Manufacturer ABI Jacques Geijsen  9/2020 
Tape Manufacturer TBD     TBD  
Converter Egebant            İbrahim Hatipoğlu     9/2021 
Supplier Loparex Ian Grace 9/2020 
Supplier H.B. Fuller      Melanie Ott  9/2020 


If you are or know of an Active Member who is interested in joining Afera’s SC, please contact Afera Secretary-General Astrid Lejeune on +31 70 312 39 16 or send an e-mail here for more details about applying or nominating a candidate. Read Afera’s Statutes here.