Afera educational curriculum programme

One of Afera’s goals is to promote the awareness of adhesive bonding and fixing technology within the European academic design and engineering community.

The Technical Committee has formed a focus group on infusing adhesive tapes and the raw materials of tapes into the curricula of European mechanical engineering and product design higher education programmes. This involves building an integrated programme aimed at putting adhesive tapes on the radar screens of teachers and professors at specific applied and academic universities to raise awareness of these technologies as solutions for mechanical engineering and product design students.

Focus will begin primarily on the design, building and construction, and automotive industries, and secondarily on the medical and electronics industries in which tapes are already more widely used. In close involvement with the Marketing Committee, the TC is considering a number of actions, including launching a new educational event, a “tape tech day” at an institution, and/or creating a brochure on tape technology for students. TC members are currently in touch with several institutions. Contact TC Chairman Evert Smit for more information or to participate in this initiative.