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Global Tape Forum (International) Harmonised Test Methods - Afera Test Methods


 GTF 6001 (Afera 5013)    Shear Adhesion Failure Temperature (SAFT) of Adhesives Tapes
 GTF 6002 (Afera 5006)    Thickness of Adhesive Tapes EN 1942 2003
 GTF 6003    Widths and Lengths of Adhesive Tapes
 GTF 6004* (Afera 5001)    Measurement of Peel Adhesion of Adhesive Tapes ISO 29862 
 GTF 6005* (Afera 5004)     Breaking Strength and Elongation of Adhesive Tapes ISO 29864 -  EN 14410 2003
 GTF 6006* (Afera 5012)     Static Shear Adhesion of Adhesive Tapes ISO 29863
 GTF 6007  (Afera 5014)     Loop Tack of Adhesive Tapes

*For all national bodies, ISO-certified TMs retain their official ISO numbers but are referred to in their test methods manuals by their GTF numbers as well. 

Global Tape Forum Test Methods
Afera Test Methods


 4003    Resistance to High Temperature and Humidity EN 12024 1996
 4007    Tearing Strength of Adhesive Tapes by the Pendulum Method EN 12025 1996
     Supplement A - Testing Narrow Width tapes
 4008    Measurement of the Unwind Force of Adhesive Tapes at High Speed EN 12026 1996
 4009    Flame Resistance of Adhesive Tapes EN 12027 1996
 4010    Determination of Insulation Resistance
 4011    Electric Strength of Adhesive Tapes
 4013    Unwind Force of Adhesive Tapes at Low Speed EN1944 1996
 4014    Elongation of Adhesive Tapes Under Reduced Load EN 12028
 4015    Quick Stick EN1945
 4019    Bond Separation of Thermosetting Tapes During Curing EN 12032
 4021    Length of a Roll of Adhesive Tape EN 12034
 4022    Flagging or End-Lifting Test EN 12035
 4023    Solvent Penetration of Masking Tapes EN 12036
 4026    Accelerated Ageing of Adhesive Tapes
 4027    Measurement of Width of Adhesive Tape Rolls
 4028    Sampling Plan for Quality Assurance Purposes
     Supplement A