Compare fixing and joining methods

Use Afera’s free selection tool during the component design process.

New, more efficient solutions are constantly created through the use of adhesive tape. Afera has developed a free selection tool for fixing and joining methods that offers users such as design and mechanical engineers and salespeople the following benefits:


  • Direct detailed comparison of fixing and joining methods based on 25 performance-related criteria
  • Evaluation of fixing and joining method capabilities, indicating the top performers
  • Results displayed in easy-to-read graphs.

The selection tool includes data of 19 joining methods judged on joint features and production-related aspects. In addition to adhesive bonding, traditional joining methods include mechanical bonding, brazing/soldering, and welding.

The tool has been successfully used by a number of Afera member companies as part of the selection criteria when working with their end-user customers during the component design process. Recommending the correct material and shape is critical in ensuring the agreed product is specified.

CAD - Afera
Supplied by Parafix


Download the selection tool here.
Download the market study on joining methods in consumer electronics here.

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