In 2005, the International Material Data System (IMDS) published the Global Automotive Declarable Substance List (GADSL) for all chemical industry suppliers. This list details all the requirements regarding 3,126 reportable substances, including those which are prohibited and restricted. Each supplier downstream, from Tier 1 until the final supplier, enters the compositional data into the IMDS based on GADSL. All non-listed substance formulations must be 90% disclosed.

Impact: High

Producers are required to give compositional data of the products they supply. Safety Data Sheets under REACH will also compel producers to divulge their formulations. For ‘article’ manufacturers such as those in the adhesive tape industry, everyone must be conscious of the added composition of their products.


New Managing Director at VITO Irmen GmbH Co KG

Ralf Heiligtag, former Managing Director of tape manufacturer VITO Irmen GmbH & Co. KG of Remagen, Germany, retired on 30th June , 2018 after having successfully led the company for more than eleven years.

16 July 2018

Afera GATS Success, Athens Conference Launch

Afera, the European Adhesive Tape Association, announced today the resounding success of its 1st Global Adhesive Tape Summit, which boasted a sold-out programme of market and technical lectures, a company visit of Neenah Gessner GmbH, and biennial international test method and standards committee meetings.

2 July 2018

In memoriam: Dr. Rainer Rauberger

On behalf of the European tape community, we at Afera would like to extend our sincerest condolences to the family, friends, and VPF and Henkel co-workers of Dr. Rauberger, who is memorialised in their letter below.

2 May 2018

Afera to hold 1st Global Adhesive Tape Summit 11-15 June 2018 in Munich, Germany

Afera, the European Adhesive Tape Association, announced today its launch of the 1st Global Adhesive Tape Summit, a unique event bringing together companies along the adhesive tape value chain of not only Europe, but Asia, North America and the Middle East, for 4 days of learning about current technical advancements and market conditions, meeting on standardisation issues, and networking with industry leaders.

29 March 2018