IED (BREF Revision)

The EU Industrial Emissions Directive (IED), which came into force on 6 January 2011, “commits EU member states to control and reduce the impact of industrial emissions on the environment” and integrates the Integrated Pollution Prevention Control (IPPC) Directive and “6 other EU directives regulating large industrial sites.” Best Available Techniques (BAT) reference documents, referred to as BREFs, have been adopted under both the IED and IPPC Directive.


The BREF entitled Surface Treatment Using Organic Solvents, a document of more than 1,000 pages in which adhesive tapes are mentioned (“adhesive application in the manufacture of abrasives and adhesive tapes”), contains the minimum standards for solvent-based coating of abrasives, films, etc. for Europe going forward. One of the main outputs of the Sevilla process, the BREF is being updated and, because of harmonisation of environmental standards, will have an impact on national laws affecting production plants with a use capacity of organic solvents of more than 150 kg/hour or more than 200 tonnes/year.


Afera takes action for the tape industry
If solvent limits were altered according to European Law, all coating industries would be affected. Adhesive tape manufacturers would be required to make large investments to adhere to amended solvent restriction policies. Learn the latest on Afera’s participation on behalf of our members in the extensive process of revising the E.U. BREF STS. Read update (members only)