Afera SUST WG feb 2020Afera has set up a Sustainability Working Group (Sus-WG) under the leadership of Martijn Verhagen, Afera Technical Committee Member and team leader for liquid coated adhesives at Lohmann GmbH & Co. KG. Including several members of the entire adhesive tape value chain, the WG has one purpose in mind: promoting adhesive tapes as sustainable solutions.

Afera’s sustainability mission

To facilitate the promotion of adhesive tapes as sustainable solutions, i.e. to raise awareness of tapes improving recyclability, reducing weight, economising in materials use, etc.

The WG guides Afera Members’ understanding of sustainability by providing tools such as framework presentations, standardised life cycle analyses, relevant political and legal information, and support in government and NGO relations.

Afera strives to represent the European adhesive tape industry on sustainability and other environmental, social, regulatory and technical issues, actively approaching adverse policy development with counter-evidence and focused positioning.

In Afera’s mission statement, 4 of the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals are recognisable: planet, people, prosperity and partnerships. The Industry is working on sustainable solutions that will improve recyclability of the products into which tapes are incorporated. This is not only good for the planet, but it is what people want because it improves and protects their environment. Prosperity comes out of using an efficient, rational approach to sustainable development, with companies designing better products and forging beneficial partnerships to help themselves, the Industry and society reach our goals.

Current projects

Afera recently hosted a digital 63rd Annual Conference centred on sustainability and circularity issues. In 2021, we launched our Flagship Sustainability Project “Translating the European Green Deal to Afera Members.” This focuses on making standardised data and calculations available to Afera Members, establishing legislated best available techniques for waste management and reduction along the adhesive tape supply chain, and providing all relevant information about the EGD to Member Companies through an established link between Afera and the European Commission. In June 2021, Afera released a statement entitled “Adhesive tapes are the hidden drivers of industry towards climate neutrality by 2050” detailing the European adhesive tape industry’s support of the EGD.

E.U. sustainability initiatives affecting the adhesive tape value chain:

European Green Deal 
Circular Economy Action Plan 
E.U. Plastics Strategy 
Sustainable Products Initiative 
Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability 

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