Types of adhesive

Adhesive  Rolls of packing scotch tapes 

The adhesive is one of the main components of an adhesive tape in addition to its backing.

Rubber-resin adhesives are natural- or synthetic-rubber-based, formulated with tackifying resins, oils, stabilisers and sometimes curing agents. Natural rubber adhesives are made from natural polymers derived from the Hevea brasiliensis tree. Synthetic rubber adhesives are made up of industrially manufactured synthetic thermoplastic polymers like SIS.

Acrylic adhesives are made of industrially synthesised polymers that are often mixed with a curing agent and can be specifically adjusted to produce the adhesive properties required of a product.

Silicone adhesives are similar to rubber resin but make use of silicon gum and resins.

All four adhesives are compounded and coated by tape manufacturers. In order to produce exactly what is needed for your product specifications, formulators working closely with product designers can manipulate the qualities of the adhesive mass by utilising various additives. In this manner, tapes can be made with specific properties such as ageing resistance, low temperature resistance and removability.

Adhesives performance

Adhesives performance

Types of backings