Thick bonding


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Thick tapes are used for fixing or bonding thick, stiff and medium-to-heavyweight materials, including surfaces that are structured, irregular and rough. They are also used for gap-filling. Often the extent of surface mismatch and roughness determines the choice of tape thickness.


Single- and double-coated cloth, foam and very high-strength bonding tapes are used for gap filling, shock absorption, abrasion resistance, and sealing. Providing extra bond strength through the carrier, thicker bonding tapes are characterised by a long-term, high-performance bond, dimensional stability and easier handling and are used in diverse applications. Non-woven/tissue double-sided tapes are conformable, heat-resistant and hand-tearable.


Nitto Wire harness application 
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Single-sided cloth varieties include duct and gaffer tapes and harnessing tape for (automotive) cabling. Double-sided cloth tapes are used for temporary applications such as carpet laying.

Single-sided foam tapes are often used for sealing out draughts. Double-coated foam tapes are used in mounting and holding indoors. They can accommodate expanding and contracting substrates and absorb shock and vibration. 

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Very high-strength bonding tapes are used in mounting, holding and joining outdoors due to their high bond strength and environmental resistance, i.e. they can withstand prolonged exposure to chemicals, varying temperatures and plasticisers.


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