Thin bonding


Thin tapes are available in wide varieties for fixing and bonding thin, lightweight and flexible materials and small rigid parts. Thin bonding tapes and films are also optimal in bonding smooth surfaces, e.g. glass, metal and plastic.


Adhesive transfer tapes have no carrier and offer the thinnest bond line. A high shear strength acrylic adhesive can be used for these.


A double-sided tape with a film or paper carrier and an acrylic or rubber adhesive can be used to obtain a thin bond line and easier handling as these are more dimensionally stable and can be chemically stable and heat-resistant. Some offer removability, such as surface protection coated adhesive films and papers, masking tape and medical tapes intended for skin contact. High-performance double-sided tapes are used as solutions in electronics and mobile devices.

  Sticky medical fabric plaster   Roll of transparent sticky tape  


Materials and surface conditions


Stresses on the substrate and bond

Environmental conditions

Thick bonding