How to incorporate tape into your product design


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What to think about when choosing a tape or film for your product or application:

✔ Type(s) of substrate(s) bonded

  • Will the tape be placed on metal? Plastic? Cardboard?
  • Would a certain thickness be more appropriate than another?

✔ Type and strength of adhesive formulated

✔ Nature of stresses on the substrate and bond (type of joint)

  • Does the tape need to be flexible?

✔ Method of application

  • By hand or machine?
  • Surface preparation (chemical cleaning, abrasion, degreasing, priming or simply wiping off dust)
  • Time ranging from immediate grip to achieving full bond strength (ranging from immediate to a few minutes to several hours)
  • Pressure ranging from firm hand or roller pressure to clamping over time to hold surfaces until reaching handling strength

✔ Ambient temperature and humidity of the work area.


Then, consider more than the cost per roll, taking into account:

✔ Testing for a lower-cost solution for your design

✔ The overall design and process cost benefits of incorporating tape into your product

✔ Your required minimum coverage

✔ All the properties of your substrate(s)

✔ Whether ventilation is required

✔ Your application equipment cost

✔ Your time and cost savings in alternative fastening processes

✔ The relative ease of use of adhesive tape.


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