Enhanced product performance


Tape for cars  Nitto sealing materials in side mirror of car 

Supplied by Nitto


Adhesive tapes and films offer many types of bonding, ranging from repositionable to permanent high strength with the capability of replacing rivets and welds. Tapes allow for reliable, consistent bonds that are not often possible using other techniques. Some automotive tapes used to bond hood emblems to the exterior of the car, for example, are more than a hundred times stronger than household wrapping tape. Some double-sided tapes, depending on the substrate, can offer a bond strong enough to take the weight of a full-grown person.


Here are some of the ways in which products are improved by the use of tapes and films:


Durability and reliability
Bond and seal, insulate, support, shield and/or conduct simultaneously
Uniform stress distribution
Vibration damping and noise control