Creativity + efficiency

Tape manufacturing and converting companies routinely work with product designers and architects on developing solutions to meet their customers’ needs while helping them cut costs, reduce waste and improve efficiency.  

Parafix RD 
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Some examples: 

  • Formulating adhesives to achieve agreed criteria on specific substrates, such as a clean peel after exposure to extreme temperatures, UV light and chemicals
  • Adjusting unwind force to allow rapid application and ease of use
  • Designing components to achieve the highest yield from the customer’s tape
  • Designing a part with convenient application aids such as easy-to-remove liners or location aids for automated application of parts.


Manufacturing efficiencies
Any shape, any size
New design freedom and options
Use lighter, thinner materials
Improve appearance
Bond dissimilar materials
Cheaper prototyping in the early stages of design
Compare fixing and joining methods