Manufacturing efficiencies

Here are some of the advantages of incorporating tapes and films into production:

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Eliminate drilling and reduce assembly time and rework

Save time and money and eliminate the tools and manufacturing equipment required for drilling and tightening. The use of tapes is easily integrated into your operations and in most cases requires minimal training and little or no investment in equipment. Whether handling by hand or with automated equipment, tapes are generally quicker and safer to apply, in often minimising safety risks to operators.

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Minimise adhesive waste and handle immediately

Adhesive tapes provide uniform thickness throughout the bonding area of your product, and clean bonding – both permanent and temporary – in which the adhesive is confined to the bonding area without dripping or overflow, minimising adhesive waste. Adhesive tapes also enable immediate handling of your product as tapes bond rapidly, unlike many liquid adhesives.

Reduce finishing and other steps requiring more energy, labour and time

Not only are operations streamlined from eliminating welding and grinding, but using tapes will save the time and cost of refinishing burn marks.


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Disassemble parts easily, if necessary

Reclosable adhesive tape systems allow parts to be separated for easy maintenance or service. Permanent adhesive tapes can be formulated to stay on a specific surface when removed for recycling purposes when the product is dismantled.

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