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Tape University & Shurtape help professionals determine which duct tape to use

www.hightechdeck.com, 2 May 2019 – Tape University, a leading online educational resource for all things tape produced by Shurtape, regularly publishes blog posts to educate individuals working in industries which heavily rely on the use of durable tapes to successfully get the job done.  Read

10 May 2019

Tape talk: Don’t miss the PSTC 2019 Tape Summit

www.adhesivesmag.com, 1 May 2019 – Scheduled this year for May 13-17 in Baltimore, the event draws nearly 300 pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) tape professionals, including scientists, professors, and C-level executives, who travel from across the U.S. to hear from other industry professionals.  Read

10 May 2019
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